California Golden Bears, UCLA Bruins

It was a long weekend for Cal and UCLA softball. The two teams were supposed to play a Saturday-Sunday-Monday three-game series. Rain in Berkeley derailed the weekend, and only two games were completed.

But that didn't stop the teams from doing work, work, work, work, work, work.

During a rain delay Sunday, the Golden Bears and Bruins passed time by engaging in a dance-off to Rihanna and Drake's "Work."

Cal sophomore Jazmyn Jackson (No. 24) and her teammates were not messing around.

Did anyone want this rain delay to end?

Well, maybe the Pac-12. Sunday's game had to be finished Monday afternoon, but then another rain delay postponed Monday's originally scheduled game. UCLA does not have a second trip to the Bay Area on its schedule (a series against Stanford is set in Los Angeles).

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