Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Fallon

It's Fashion Week in New York City, so naturally, Jimmy Fallon brought Russell Westbrook on The Tonight Show. Westbrook showed up loaded with clothes, sunglasses, jewelry and sneakers from his lines with True Religion, Westbrook Frames, Barneys and Air Jordan.

Fallon decked himself out in The Brodie's gear:

Westbrook is a noted bowling fan, so Fallon got the point guard a customized ball.

Near the end of the segment, Fallon challenged him to an athletic competition because that's what you do with Russell Westbrook if you want to embarrass yourself. But neither was able to throw random objects through a football hole (and honestly, neither had great throwing form).

Basketball isn't that far away, people. It won't be long before Westbrook stops laughing with Jimmy Fallon and starts warming up in Oklahoma City. No. 0 has a team to carry, for the first time, as the face of his franchise.

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