Morteza Mehrzad

Iran has a volleyball player that is 8-foot-1. This is not a typo.

Morteza Mehrzad, the tallest man in Iran, is competing at the Paralympics in Rio in sitting volleyball. The net is about four feet high, and players sit and slide across the floor.

According to a feature by Ben Shpigel in the New York Times, Mehrzad sustained a pelvis injury in a bike accident when he was 16, which caused his right leg to stop growing. His left leg ended up being six inches longer.

Mehrzad, who is almost 29 now, began playing sitting volleyball five years ago when Iran's coach saw him featured on a TV show about "people with physical abnormalities and unusual talents."

Here is Mehrzad dominating at the net:

Here is Mehrzad showing his power on the serve:

For context, the tallest players in NBA history are Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan, who were 7-7.