Dallas Martin

Anyone who's played Madden understands the joy that comes with busting a skill move that evades a defender. We can all revel in our virtual accomplishments, and that's all well and fine. But Dallas Martin needs no such fantasies: He's doing the real thing on a football field in California.

Martin is a wide receiver for Los Angeles' Brentwood High School, and he really does have moves like Jagger. In a video published by MaxPreps, Martin took a short pass and did some incredible work with it, juking out six defenders with a few different moves, on his way to a touchdown.

Most amazing is the final move before Martin sprints across the goal line: He jukes backward, gathers himself and finds three defenders sprawled on the ground, unable to get back up and stop him.

The image almost makes it look like Martin was a bomb dropped on the field, flattening everything around it. Which isn't the worst way to describe what he does to the defense:

That touchdown dance was well-earned -- and not surprisingly, the moves he busted in the end zone were nothing like the ones that got him there.

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