Rainbow Road

No matter your age, but a new Tesla Motors Easter egg will bring out the kid in you. Drivers can now cruise down Rainbow Road, as one YouTube user shows:

By activating autopilot four times in succession, drivers see this feature on their screen. Musk teased the hidden gem on Twitter:

He calls it "psychedelic cowbell road," but the internet is calling it Rainbow Road. Did Musk not play Mario Kart?

According to Tech Buffalo, the new software was pushed out to Model S and Model X Teslas over the past weekend. Last year, the Model S included a James Bond Lotus submarine Easter egg, so pop culture references are not new to the brand.

So yeah, if you ever want to feel like Toad or Peach or Bowser or any of your other favorite Mario Kart characters, just buy a Tesla and pretend you're on the fourth leg of the Special Cup. But stay within the speed limit, and don't fall off the railing into outer space.

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