J.J. Watt

Let's be clear: J.J. Watt loves breakfast. He loves breakfast more than you love breakfast, and he loves breakfast more than he loves you.

In fact, if you don't love breakfast, you've got a problem with the Texans star himself. He let that be known in a lighthearted but passionate Twitter rant Tuesday night.

Confronted, Watt refused to back down.

Watt's dreamscape must be an endless greasy spoon diner where the breakfast plates keep on coming. But these food fantasties are a far cry from Watt's self-described breakfast menu. Last year, he shared his two staple breakfasts that he starts with every morning when in training mode. You read that right -- he has two breakfasts every day.

Breakfast No. 1: Five eggs, hash browns, whole wheat pancakes, banana, orange juice, water and an apple.
Breakfast No. 2: Five eggs, oatmeal and wheat toast.

Note the lack of bacon, waffles, French toast, or general happiness. So either Watt was breaking his training diet Tuesday night, or he's merely dreaming of a world in which such breakfast goodness isn't off-limits.

Perhaps he's even subtweeting his trainer. Either way: It's the offseason, J.J. Have a stack of waffles and don't beat yourself up over it.

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