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Sterling Shepard was born in Oklahoma City. He starred at Heritage High School in Oklahoma City. He played college football at the University of Oklahoma, where father Derrick and uncles Darrell and Woodie also suited up.

But in 2016, the New York Giants made Shepard, 24, a second-round draft pick. Shortly after moving to the Big Apple, he started dating model Chanel Iman, 27, who grew up in Los Angeles. The culture shock was real and Shepard's fashion sense differed from what Iman was used to hanging around.

"It was very Oklahoma," Iman laughs of Shepard's wardrobe when they first started dating. "But now, he's got a cute little swag. He's always had the confidence in him. He always looks great because he has the confidence."

Shepard had confidence on the field in 2016. His 67 receptions and 653 receiving yards trailed only Michael Thomas in both categories among rookies.

Football, he knew. Fashion, he did not. Iman gave him some rookie tips, and Shepard even returned the favor a bit. The two explained their fashion exchanges to ThePostGame Tuesday at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where Shepard appeared at an NFL and FIT collobrative event.

"I just wasn't open to other stuff, but she's kind of opened my eyes to some new stuff," Shepard says.

To which Iman adds: "He tries things he would never try before me."


Super Bowl Weekend

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Iman has Shepard studying. When he is off the field, Shepard is scrolling through his social media feeds.

"She even has me follow stuff on Instagram because I have her at the games and stuff, so she's like, 'You got to learn about my side,'" Shepard says. "I'm following Vanity Fair now and all that type of stuff. I've been learning a little bit. And then her friends are all models, so I get to meet them too."

Shepard is a work in progress for Iman. Asked if his style is more New York or Los Angeles, Iman says it leans "New York," with some LA influence. "I put you on to some skateboarder brands," she says, soliciting a slight groan from Shepard.

The cultural diffusion is not totally one-sided. Although Shepard has no official background in fashion, he knows more than Iman knows about Sooner style.

"I taught her some stuff too, fashion wise," Shepard says. "Cowboy boots…"

Iman finishes, "Daisy Duke shorts, crop tops."

After all, this is what she wore at the Oklahoma Spring Football Game earlier this month.


Had to show bae where it all started @ou_football

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In a rare occurrence, Iman was not the focal point of the fashion event Tuesday in Manhattan. The NFLxFIT Visual System Design Contest & Exhibition Reception at The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) celebrated the first-ever collaboration between the NFL and FIT. FIT students were challenged to design graphic elements and treatments using all 32 official NFL logos. The winning group, "Team Quicksnap," claimed the $15,000 prize and will have its merchandise sold by the NFL this coming season.

Shepard and Giants teammate Romeo Okwara had the opportunity to wear t-shirts featuring the Giants' imagery created by the two finalists.

Sterling Shepard, Romeo Okwara

"New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world, especially the FIT Design School," Okwara says. "It's really important to be able to support the students here, especially with the collaboration with the NFL."

"This is the fashion capital of the world and we're a big part of here, and it's cool that we collided with them and came up with a cool design like this," Shepard adds.

Shepard still has a long way to go to catch up to his significant other, but an April evening at FIT is a strong start.

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