So how many of you men out there want to look like Natalie Portman in The Black Swan?

Didn't think so.

Sure, ballerinas are known for their petite frames, but don't let their size fool you. Those girls are stronger than a lot of men out there. In fact, workout routines usually owned by women, such as ballet and Pilates, actually can make men both better-looking and better athletes. Check out how a hockey goalie benefits from doing a form of the plie:

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Then there's Pilates. While training for the Olympics, I started incorporating Pilates to my out-of-water program and saw immediate results. But I was surprised to see only a few men in the classes. The strength needed to perform these exercises correctly and precisely was extreme and the burn was intense. The smaller movements isolating particular muscles while consistently keeping a tight core adds up to one tough workout. Pilates training is about balance and core, and let me tell you, if there's a fantasy running back on your squad who doesn't have amazing balance and core muscles, you should cut him immediately.

Here are some Pilates moves that will help you get healthy and get ripped:

Sure you'll get some looks if you join a ballet or Pilates class. But stick with it and the looks will quickly turn to admiration. And maybe jealousy.

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