So much for Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema keeping his relationship and wedding with Jennifer Hielsberg on the down low.

Pictures of the happy couple on their wedding day have surfaced on the website after the two kept their relationship very private. Both the bride and groom looked happy last Saturday and it was nice to see Bielema not wearing a track suit for once.

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And look at that cake! It has roses wrapped around each level as a nod, presumably, to the Rose Bowl. The Badgers' hope to finally win "The Grandaddy of Them All" under Bielema after falling short the last two seasons in Pasadena. Wisconsin lost to TCU in 2011 before falling to Oregon this past January.

Bielema, 42, met Hielsberg, 27, nearly four years ago in Las Vegas at a blackjack table (who says chivalry is dead?). This is the first marriage for Bielema, who is a notorious workaholic that finally popped the question on a cruise last March.

Of course, the wedding was intentionally timed.

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"That's why they waited until next March to get married and the engagement took place after football was over," Bielema's dad, Arnie, told Lost Lettermen last fall.

Hopefully Bielema doesn't also incorporate football into the honeymoon by watching game tape.

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