Have you seen Charles Barkley's golf swing? It looks like this.

Rest assured, Barkley isn't the best golfer. He loves to play, though, and will appear in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nevada this weekend.

It will be Barkley's 20th apperance at the tournament, and he's never finished better than 60th. He's finished last five times and second-to-last 10 times at the AAC.

Those finishes on top of the fact that he'll have hip replacement surgery after the tournament made it easy for Nevada sports books to put Barkley at 5,000-to-1 to win.

Yet, somehow, people are betting on him.

"We've taken a couple on him," Dave Cudney, sportsbook manager and celebrity golf odds specialist at Harvey's Race and Sports Book, told ESPN.com. "They're mostly souvenirs."

Souvenirs or not, if the rest of the field were to withdraw, those bets would have a hefty return. Cudney said the highest bet he knew of was $10,000. However, even Barkley knows he won't win.

"I have a better chance of winning the lottery," he told ESPN.com.

Despite having no chance, celebrities and fans still love having him out on the course. Former NHL star Jeremy Roenick said Barkley's presence helps the tournament.

"Even though he knows that people are going to laugh at him and people are going to criticize his swing and they're going to say a lot of things, he continues to come out every year and he continues to be one of the best guys with the fans and one of the best guys with the group," Roenick told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "And he understands that it's as much a business and a show as it is a tournament. And the fact that we come out here knowing that we can compete the play, he knows that he can come out here and make this tournament more recognizable and more of a big event."

He may finish last, but at least he enjoys it. Not so sure if whoever bet $10,000 will be having as much fun.

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