When Linsanity exploded in the winter of 2012, one of its major story angles was couch-surfing. Jeremy Lin used to crash in the apartments of his brother Josh and Knick teammate Landry Fields, even as he became a cultural phenomenon. It only served to bolster his Cinderella story.

More than two years later, this becomes relevant again because of an amusing Craigslist ad posted in Los Angeles.

Lin was traded to the Lakers last week, and one local Chinese-American mom thought he might be interested in pursuing modest accommodations in the L.A. area. This mom had her son post the following ad -- click on it to see original in larger type -- on her behalf:

At least one source vouches for the authenticity of this ad. "I actually know this person, and she is, hands down, the biggest Laker fan I know," according to AngryAsianMan.com.

Not that Lin needs advice from us, but we suggest he ask to see the place. At the very least, he might get a home-cooked meal out of a visit, and that's something even NBA millionaires aren't going to turn down so fast.

[H/T: WeLikeLA.com]