Deion Sanders may be past his prime, but when he showed up to Camden Yards on Wednesday, it was Prime Time all over again.

Sanders, the former baseball and football star, is in Baltimore with the NFL Network for Thursday's Ravens-Browns game. The lightning-quick cornerback and outfielder has several ties to the Ravens and Orioles: He spent two years on the Ravens at the tail end of his career, and he played for Orioles manager Buck Showalter in the New York Yankees organization before reaching the big leagues in 1989.

Sanders swung by the Orioles' batting practice on Wednesday to spend time with Showalter and to take some practice cuts. According to all reports out of Baltimore, the 45-year-old still has a sweet stroke.

Despite not having swung a bat in years, Sanders smacked three home runs.

"You guys thought it was just [batting practice]," Sanders joked. "But it was an audition, really."

It has been more than two decades since Showalter managed Sanders on the Albany-Colonie Yankees, but Showalter will never forget his first impressions of the speedy Sanders.

"We grade guys that can run; he was a different level," Showalter said. "The first time I saw him take off at first and steal second, it was a different grade there that we didn't have on our scale. Him running out a triple is still one of the prettiest things I ever watched."

There must have been something in the air at Camden Yards. A few hours after Sanders went yard, the Orioles tied a team record with seven home runs in a 12-2 win over the Blue Jays.

(H/T to Alicia Zubikowski)

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