At some point during this NFL season, a really good team will likely take a pretty brutal beating. Fans and media will ask how can a team that loses by such a wide margin be considered a legitimate Super Bowl contender. But history, particularly in the past decade, dictates that teams can still win a championship despite one major debacle, which makes it seem like the franchise is imploding.

There have been 13 Super Bowl champions that lost a regular-season game by at least 20 points. One of these teams lost by 32. At home. To a team coached by Rich Kotite. Another had two home losses by more than three touchdowns. Yet another was shut out at Buffalo. Here's a reminder that real champs know how to shake it off.

Worst Losses For Super Bowl Champions


2014 Patriots (27-point loss)

Sept. 29: The Patriots fell to 2-2 after getting smoked 41-14 in Kansas City on Monday Night Football. Finished 12-4, AFC East champs. Beat the Ravens and Colts in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 28-24 against Seattle.


2012 Ravens (30-point loss)

Oct. 7: The Ravens slipped to 5-2 after a 43-13 loss in Houston. Finished 10-6, AFC North champs. Beat Colts, Broncos and Patriots in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 34-31 against San Francisco.


2011 Giants (25-point loss)

Nov. 28: The Giants dropped to 6-5 after a 49-24 loss in New Orleans. Finished 9-7, NFC East champs. Beat Falcons, Packers and 49ers in NFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 21-17 against New England.


2007 Giants (22- and 24-point losses)

Sept. 16: The Giants dropped to 0-2 after a 35-13 home loss to Green Bay.
Nov. 25. The Giants dropped to 7-4 after a 41-17 home loss to Minnesota.
Finished 10-6, second in NFC East. Beat Buccaneers, Cowboys and Packers in NFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 17-14 against New England in the helmet-catch game.


2006 Colts (27-point loss)

Dec. 10: The Colts dropped to 10-3 after a 44-17 loss at Jacksonsville. Finished 12-4, AFC South champs. Beat Chiefs, Ravens and Patriots in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 29-17 against Chicago.


2003 Patriots (31-point loss)

Sept. 7: The Patriots lost the season opener 31-0 at Buffalo. Finished 14-2, AFC East champs. Beat Titans and Colts in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 32-29 against Carolina.


2001 Patriots (20-point loss)

Oct. 7: The Patriots dropped to 1-3 after a 30-10 loss in Miami. Finished 11-5, AFC East champs. Beat Raiders (in Tuck Rule game) and Steelers in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 20-17 against St. Louis.


1994 49ers (32-point loss)

Oct 2: The 49ers dropped to 3-2 after a 40-8 home loss to Philadelphia. Finished 13-3, NFC West champs. Beat Bears and Cowboys in NFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 49-26 against San Diego.


1992 Cowboys (24-point loss)

Oct. 5: The Cowboys dropped to 3-1 after a 31-7 loss at Philadelphia. Finished 13-3, NFC East champs. Beat Eagles and 49ers in NFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 52-17 against Buffalo.


1988 49ers (22-point loss)

Dec. 18: The 49ers ended the regular season with a 38-16 home loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Caveat: The 49ers, who finished 10-6, had clinched the NFC West title earlier in the day when the Saints beat Atlanta. The Rams needed to beat the 49ers to have a chance at earning a wild card. 49ers beat Vikings and Bears in NFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 20-16 against Cincinnati.


1979 Steelers (28-point loss)

Nov. 18: The Steelers dropped to 9-3 after a 35-7 loss in San Diego. Finished 12-4, AFC Central champs. Beat Dolphins and Oilers in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 31-19 against Los Angeles Rams.


1976 Raiders (31-point loss)

Oct. 3: The Raiders dropped to 3-1 after a 48-17 loss at New England. Finished 13-1, AFC West champs. Beat Patriots and Steelers in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 32-14 against Minnesota.


1970 Colts (20-point loss)

Sept. 28: The Colts dropped to 1-1 after a 44-24 home loss to the Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champions. Finished 11-2-1, AFC East champs. Beat Bengals and Raiders in AFC playoffs. Won Super Bowl 16-13 against Dallas.

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-- Cole Jacobson and Dario Madyoon contributed to this story.

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