By Julie Ruggirello
The Daily Meal

When it comes to bacon-wrapped foods, the sky is the limit.

5 Things You Should Be Wrapping With Bacon



Although avocado is not normally cooked, a quick trip to the freezer helps breaded and bacon-wrapped slices of avocado maintain their shape.



Sweet and savory combine for a quick treat. Use maple syrup or honey for a paleo version of the snack.


Ice Cream

This bacon-wrapped deep-fried ice cream is so wrong that it's actually right. Frozen chunks of ice cream survive a trip into the deep fryer and leave you with an insanely decadent dessert.



Wrapping meat with fat (or fatty cuts of meat like bacon) is a culinary technique referred to as barding. It helps maintain moisture and almost guarantees flavor when cooking meat with low fat content. Yes, you can also do it with a burger.



Pears become sugary sweet when baked, and crispy bacon makes for an incredibly savory kick. Use slightly unripe pears so they don’t turn to mush in the oven. Take this snack a step further and wrap pears in prosciutto, which has similar savory notes as bacon, but a much more delicate flavor.

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