Google was recently looking to find some beta testers for its new product, the much-anticipated Google Glass.

So the Internet giant asked interested parties to send in their applications via Twitter, with an explanation as to why they should be among the 8,000 people selected to try out the glasses.

And while Twitter users had all sorts of reasons for why they should be chosen, one of the more unique answers was, “document our road to the Super Bowl!"

That response came from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. And it earned Ponder an opportunity to get his hands on the new product before it becomes available to the general public.

The glasses cost $1,500, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Ponder (who made $837,000 in 2012). His main concern should probably be trying not to break the glasses while documenting the Vikings' road to the Super Bowl.

Here's a preview of the new lens. Now, imagine these on an NFL quarterback. Pretty cool, huh?

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(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)