The legend of Lionel Messi continues to grow. Ten years after joining FC Barcelona as a promising 17-year-old, the Argentinean has become the most prolific goal-scorer in La Liga history.

Messi scored his 252nd career goal over the weekend against Sevilla, breaking a 59-year-old record set by Telmo Zarra. The mere length of the record -- in one of the world's best soccer leagues, no less -- speaks to the magnitude of Messi's achievement.

Messi is considered by many to be the greatest soccer player of his generation. His career La Liga scoring record is just another feather in his cap, but it's far from the only one. Messi was phenomenal in leading Argentina to the World Cup final over the summer. His accomplishment in La Liga, at such a young age, only adds to his legacy.

There's no one in soccer at the moment with a realistic shot at breaking Messi's record. If Messi were to retire today, perhaps only Real Madrid's Ronaldo could surpass his rival.

But Messi is nowhere close to that point. At 27, he has many years left -- is still in his soccer prime. Should he stay with Barcelona for a few more years, Messi will crush Zarra's record and set a standard that will border on impossible to match.

Telmo Zarra's 251 goals were unmatched for 59 years. Suddenly, Messi is at 253. Where his record ends is anyone's guess. But it's clear that Messi is an all-time great, a soccer legend with plenty of life yet to live.

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