Endless numbers of blog posts, words and videos have been devoted to interest in millionaire athletes' trucks, cars and bikes. Though, we can't say we know where you'd classify this ride of Ben Wallace's. Seems like it could be a motorcycle, also seems like it could almost be called a car. Apparently, it's specifically called a "trike," and there are people that love them. So stop making fun, you jerks.

It also seems like something that was stolen off the set of a Batman movie.

The vehicle is actually called a T-Rex, and it's made by Campagna Motors. The picture was taken by Evan Dunlap, the intrepid managing editor of SB Nation's Orlando Pinstriped Post blog. Well done, sir. Splendid snag.

We're not exactly sure what the allure of the vehicle is, even after watching the promotional video. Seems like something worth a spin or two through an empty airfield for race track, but do you really want to be sitting at the exhaust level of every other vehicle on the road? Apparently, there are more than a few people that dig these little bad boys.

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