It's that time of year when NFL teams are building chemistry in training camp, and league rookies are getting acclimated to professional football.

Part of that process: Hazing. A lot of NFL teams have some form of rookie hazing. The San Francisco 49ers, apparently, break in their newbies by letting them pick up the bill at dinner -- a particularly big bill, it turns out.

That's 49ers running back Mike Davis tweeting out his rude welcome: An $1,800 bill for dinner out at one of chef Michael Mina's restaurants in the Bay Area.

It's unclear if Davis picked up the bill all on his own or split it with other rookies, but it wouldn't be shocking if all of that money came out of his pocket. And Davis can handle it: Even though he's a rookie, he still earns a base salary of $435,000.

That's in addition to a $468,781 signing bonus that he got earlier this summer. So Davis won't be going broke from that expensive dinner, although he probably shouldn't keep up that kind of spending.

Davis's bill pales in comparison to what other NFL rookies have experienced. We reported earlier this year that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger once handed a $25,000 nightclub bill to a rookie under the pretense of hazing.

By comparison, the 49ers went easy on Davis. Welcome to the NFL.

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