The newly released Entourage movie is perhaps the greatest example of celebrity cameos found in modern cinema. Two of Bill Belichick's best players, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, have roles in the upcoming film, which has earned tons of buzz and anticipation in the lead-up to its debut.

None of that excitement has swayed their New England Patriots coach, who has no stated desire to see the movie. When asked if he would watch, Belichick had a blunt response.

"Right now, we'll go watch movies of practices," he said, according to CBS Sports.

That right there is about as close as the coach comes to slinging jokes on the football field. It also holds true to his personality: Tireless, humorless and dedicated to working hard.

Even if Entourage is serving as something of a distraction for the team -- which Belichick loathes -- he probably isn't any more upset about the movie than the string of antics his tight end Gronkowski has pulled off over the offseason.

Between spiking random objects for charity, hanging out with an endless string of girls and cruising the country in a custom party bus that has occasionally left Gronk confused about what city he was in, Entourage seems pretty tame.

Then there's Deflategate. After all the endless questions he's been receiving over the deflated balls controversy, you'd think a pop culture question would be a nice change of pace. But even if he did crack a smile on the inside, Belichick's stone face remained unamused.

It's football season.

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