Malcolm Butler is still riding the wave of his Super Bowl heroics. Not only has he been handed the keys to Tom Brady's new truck -- a prize for being named the Super Bowl MVP -- but his hometown of Vicksburg, Mississippi, will be honoring him with a parade this weekend.

Combine that with a standing ovation at a recent Boston Celtics game and an on-stage role at the Grammy's earlier this month -- where he and teammate Julian Edelman presented the Best Rock Album award -- and Butler's life has been genuinely turned upside down.

For an undrafted rookie with a small-town upbringing, Butler is new enough to fame that he can still remember what it's like to be on the other side, as a fan soaking up his presence. He's enjoying every moment he can, including a fun segment he shot for NFL Network, where he walked the streets in Los Angeles and asked passersby about the Super Bowl and his game-clinging interception.

Some fans are quicker than others to recognize Butler, but one thing is clear: His name may be famous, but his face hasn't made the leap quite yet. In moments like this, that's a gift in his own right.

Nevertheless, several people Butler interviewed took time to congratulate him on his big moment under the bright lights. The Patriots defensive back may be famous, but he's not too far removed from the moment for people to appreciate his unlikely path to stardom.

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