The gridiron isn't the only place where "Beast Mode" is performing splendidly.

ESPN's Darren Rovell reports that Marshawn Lynch, who has trademarked his "Beast Mode" nickname, took in six figures in 2013 from licensing the phrase.

Lynch has trademarks to use the phrase on clothing and hats and more trademarks pending to use it on sunglasses, headphones, bracelets and cleats.

Rovell writes that Lynch has been very strict in allowing other entities to use the phrase, and that has made it more valuable. Some of his endorsers, including Nike, don't yet have the right to create "Beast Mode" products. Lynch also denied the Los Angeles Dodgers, who approached Lynch about using the phrase in connection with slugger Matt Kemp. Lynch reportedly turned down a $100,000 royalty offer from the Dodgers.

Recently Lynch granted rights to Jennifer Montana, wife of Joe, to use the phrase in necklaces she made and sold on her website. As part of the deal Lynch gets a portion of the $124 price.

All of the proceeds from "Beast Mode" sales go to Lynch's charity, the Fam 1st Family Foundation.