Josh Sundquist has taken creativity to an entirely new level with his Halloween costumes.

The former Paralympic skier, who had his left leg amputated because of cancer when he was 9, is known for his creative outfits. Last year, for example, he dressed as the lamp from A Christmas Story.

In other years, Sundquist, who represented the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team in slalom and giant slalom in 2006, has gone as the gingerbread man and as a pirate:

And his costumes just keep getting better and better. This year Sundquist, who was recognized in 2007 as a CNN "Hero," is dressing as a flamingo.

Fantastic. He didn't medal when he competed at the Paralympic Games in Turin, but you've got to give Sundquist credit for his winning attitude. As a motivational speaker, an author and a guy who enjoys having fun on social media, he is able to spotlight the upside of his situation.

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