Normally, a college football team's game notes include information on player stats, school history and other relevant information pertaining to the team.

Most programs do not include five paragraphs about how the coach met his wife. Then again, most schools do not have Bret Bielema as their coach.

Marc Torrence, a student at Alabama and the sports editor at the school's student newspaper, tweeted this photo of Arkansas' game notes in advance of the Razorbacks' matchup with the Crimson Tide this weekend.

Here's what the game notes say:


Coach Bielema was married on Marc 10, 2010 to his wife Jen. The two married after dating for four years.

Coach Bielema met Jen at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. He was there for a fundraiser and left his chips at the blackjack table to go speak with Jen. Coach Bielema started a conversation and mentioned he was from Wisconsin. Jen was born and raised in Tampa, Fla., and graduated from USF, but her family is from Wisconsin and they spent time there during the summer. After introducing himself, he promised to teach her how to play blackjack and over the next five hours they talked and won $600. They exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch

Jen did not know he coached football until about four months after they met. They found out later she was at Wisconsin's Capital One Bowl victory over Arkansas, having decided to attend the game with a group of friends and her then boyfriend.

Coach Bielema proposed to Jen on a cruise in March of 2011. The first night they were at a private dinner and he told her he did not want to be without her in the future and got down on knee and proposed and turned his phone off for the week.

Coach Bielema did not buy the engagement ring in Madison, Wis., fearful word would get out. Instead he purchased it from a Naples jeweler he met through Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez. A month before proposing, he attended an event in Naples, Fla., and asked permission from Jen's father, Greg.

That is quite an in-depth story. Who knew Bielema was such a romantic?

It's unclear why Arkansas would include such a detailed story in the usually bland football notes, but perhaps it is to further endear the Bielemas to Arkansas fans.

Truth be told, the Bielemas are doing a pretty good job of that themselves. Jen has even thought up a new hand signal for the Razorbacks: