Retired NBA player Dennis Rodman made headlines earlier this month when he visited his good friend North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Now, according to his statements at a press conference Monday, he plans on sticking around to train North Korea's national basketball team for the 2016 Olympics and stage a game with former NBA stars.

"I just wish that all other people in the government and our country would understand the fact that this is not something that's going to interfere with our lives or anyone's lives in the world," he said. "This about breaching a gap to a country that people say is so bad."

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Rodman announced his new role at a press conference sponsored by bookmaking company Paddy Power on Monday. The website also paid for Rodman's latest trip to North Korea. The game, according to Rodman, will include 12 North Korean players and be held in January. Rodman said his team would include Karl Malone and Scottie Pippen.

He said that Kim Jong Un "has to do his job" but is a very "good guy" and said he hoped the game can be a sort of "basketball diplomacy" to bring the two countries together.