Mike Rice, the Rutgers coach who was fired from the school after a montage of his practice videos showed him allegedly physically and verbally abusing players, is receiving help from former NBA player and coach John Lucas, ESPN.com reported.

The former coach is reportedly receiving anger management counseling and has spent the past two weeks at John Lucas' Wellness and Aftercare Program in Houston.

Rice is just the latest high-profile patient for Lucas, who also helped former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu, after he was kicked off his college team for a reported violation of the school's substance abuse policy.

Lucas declined to provide details of Rice's treatment to ESPN but said he was doing well.

"His attitude has been phenomenal and our kids love his intensity and his passion for the game. He's happy to be having this chance to give back a little bit."

Rice's rehab stint is just the latest in updates on everyone involved in the Rutgers' scandal. Rice's former assistant who took the video is planning on opening a restaurant this weekend.