Usain Bolt is firm in his commitment to the Golden Arches. The Jamaican sprinter ate at McDonald's before winning the 100-meter dash in London, and in Beijing he was known to take down some pre-race McNuggets. He won all six races in which he competed in those Olympics.

Bolt's affinity for McDonalds is so strong, in fact, that recently a company made McNuggets the centerpiece of its offer to the fastest man alive.

The British technology start-up Shutl sent Bolt a letter (at right -- click photo for a closer look) last week asking for him to help them set a world record for fastest e-commerce delivery. The company already claims to hold the mark with a record of 898 seconds from click to door, and they figure Bolt could help them improve on that time.

In exchange for an hour or two of Bolt's time, the company is offering him a 1 percent share of the company and a lifetime supply of McNuggets.

Bolt doesn't need any help financially, but with all the McNuggets he eats, he might want to seriously consider this offer.

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