Most who sign up for law enforcement expect to help keep people safe, solve murders, rapes and burglaries. In the Republic of Texas, however, police are investigating a pee wee football practice.

A parent in a Rio Grande Valley league of 7- and 8-year-olds has been accused of getting physical with a player. He reportedly grabbed the young athlete's face mask and yelled at him.

The child's parents accused the man of assault, filing a report with the Harlingen, Tex. police. Other parents say several children were frightened. One parent told KGBT-TV 4 that players "were in shock and were scared."

While police attempt to sort out the grownups' shenanigans, the accused peewee parent says he was defending his son, who's been bullied during football practice. The dad claimed his child was deliberately tripped several times and reacted out of raw emotion.

The accused parent is a local high school football coach who admitted his decision was a mistake.

Police will decided if charges will be filed.

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