Hey, we're all human: Even a man who was once the most powerful person in the world can't pass up a free golf ball.

Former President Bill Clinton, who was celebrated over the weekend exclusively on Yahoo! for a career of global giving, has conceded he regresses to his youth when taking leisurely strolls with his dogs.

The 42nd President of the United States has a field day beating the bushes around a private golf course near his Westchester County, N.Y. mansion, on the prowl for golf balls.

"I don't know why I do this, because Lord knows I have all the golf balls I can use and the money now to buy more," Clinton, the third-youngest president at the time of his 1993 inauguration, told the Wall Street Journal.

'But I take a little basket with me, and a tool to clean off the balls we find. I've got at least a hundred now," he said with a laugh. "It reminds me of when I was 12."

It's gotta be amusing to see Clinton poking around the trees not far from the back nine, with secret service protection on his side, as he scavenges around for the little white balls.

The pride of Hot Springs, Ark. says as a relatively poor child, he would occasionally caddie during the PGA Tour's yearly visit. Clinton remembers the golfers didn't resemble professional athletes.

"They looked like everybody else in Hot Springs," he said. That's not the case anymore. "A couple days ago I had a humbling experience playing a round of golf with Padraig Harrington, who is a marvelous guy. But, God, he looks like he could play professional football," Clinton said.

Clinton, never one to pass up a round with other luminaries, recalled an amusing situation with Michael Jordan, the iconic Chicago Bulls star who now owns the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats. His Airness convinced Clinton to move from the white tees to the championship tees by giving him a guilt trip about playing from "the little girls' tee." Jordan challenged Bubba to break 100, and the former Commander In Chief did just that.

The 65-year-old fried food lover, now vegan for health reasons, says despite all his success in life, he'd love to hang out with a certain sportscaster.

"One of my great dreams in life is to do an interview with Feherty. He's one of the funniest men alive," Clinton said, speaking about David Feherty, the 53-year-old CBS and Golf Channel commentator, from Northern Ireland.

If you're not familiar with Feherty, here is a sample of his amusing work.

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