Christopher Columbus never watched an NFL game, but the legendary European explorer who died in 1506 is being decked out in a pro football coaching legend's favorite hoodie.

Columbus will be one of five statues of legendary historical Boston figures that will be dressed in copycat hoodies today. The short-sleeved sweater was made famous, of course, by New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

The Boston Globe reports it's all part of a publicity stunt to get people to watch the NFL Network's Thursday night debut of a behind-the-scenes documentary on Belichick's coaching life.

In addition to Christopher Columbus, the hoodie will be worn by former Boston mayor James Michael Curley, 17th century American painter John Singleton Copley, and the statues of the tortoise and hare in Copley Square.

Belichick has been wearing the Hoodie for close to a decade, and it's so popular among New England fans that the Patriots ProShop sells the "Belichick" long-sleeve hooded sweatshirt for the low low price of $74.85. Seems overpriced for a grey sweatshirt, but they say it looks good and is really comfortable!

The move to use historical statues to promote an NFL show is a controversial one, but Jacque Goddard, spokesperson for the city's Parks and Recreation Department, defended the stunt because the NFL Network made a charitable donation to help restore Boston statues.

Other cities have dressed their statues in team gear, like Detroit putting huge jerseys on its iconic Spirit of Detroit statue, but those fittings are done for playoff runs and not TV shows.

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