Just when you think Jose Canseco can't get any weirder, he gets pulled over while driving with two diaper-wearing goats in the back seat of his car.

Canseco, the disgraced former MLB slugger, has become known for his weird stunts. But a recent occurrence wasn't planned, at least we hope not.

Earlier this week Canseco was tweeting about how he and his girlfriend, the model Leila Knight, were going to purchase some fainting goats for a documentary they're planning. Fainting goats are a rare breed of the animal who have a hereditary genetic disorder which causes them to faint frequently.

Once Canseco and Knight acquired the goats, they put diapers on the animals to keep them from making the car their personal restroom.

That made the situation even more ridiculous when a police car pulled over Canseco. It's unclear why Canseco got booked, but perhaps it had something to do with him hauling livestock in his trunk.

Canseco didn't seemed fazed by the stop, and he's back to his weird ways on Twitter: