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If you want to breathe crisp and clean fresh air with unrestrained lungs you need to be spending time out in the open during the winter months. Reconnect with nature while running for maximum mental health, cardiovascular and strength benefits.

Jogging throughout the city or in the gym can get very boring after a few miles. This is where trails come in. Change your running environment and make it more fun and challenging by swapping out hard asphalt for softer ground, even if that's snow.

Some trail runners prefer the challenge of conquering the most rugged of terrains while others thoroughly enjoy the calming effect of a relaxed run through a soft, tree-lined dirt path. All become a bit more challenging after a snowfall. Still, runners are exhilarated by the demands of a continuous climb and others are pleased by the rollercoaster effect of surging hills because trail running, in any season, guarantees the promise of stunning scenery and the opportunity for a peaceful retreat into the wild.

Best Cities For Winter Trail Running 2017

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